​​​​​​Kenneithia Mitchell gives a commanding performance as Candace Davenport-Harrington, a self-made millionaire who's raising a family with her equally rich husband. Despite her status, she too is subject to a meddling mother-in-law.

Kenneithia, a Juilliard graduate, has performed at Carnegie Hall, and as a featured soloist for the MPT Grammy Awards, the Hollywood Bowl-Lincoln Center Jazz Quartet, Salon de Virtuosi, Soulful Symphony, and Ultimate Soprano, Inc. In addition, she has performed with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Beth Hall is a strong alto who brings southern flair, bite and wit to her character Barbara Jones. She ditches out stinging comments as only a southern belle can do. Her character is a no-nonsense, sassy, television chef who can really stir things up.

Beth has performed with the Seminole Repertory Company's productions of A Chorus Line, Hairspray, and Guys and Dolls. In addition, she was featured in Pearl the Musical at the Orlando Fringe Festival and in I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change  by Princess Charming Productions. In addition, she has been in several S.T.A.G.E. and Wekiva River Players productions. Also, Beth created and teaches the music program at Wesley Childhood Development Center in downtown Orlando, instilling her love of all things musical in children ages infant through five.

Wendy Ringhausen gives insight into Sara Parker, a soft-spoken, people-pleasing homemaker who is no match for the women's "tell it like it is" attitude regarding their mother-in-law problems. By taking a look at her situation, Sara discovers it's okay to be empowered.

Wendy has performed in Disney’s Electrical Light Parade and in the Festival of the Lion King, Fantasmic, and Trivial. When on stage, her presence is felt as she skillfully dives into roles, whether heroine or villainess. In The Other Woman, her lyrical and soothing voice brings great depth to the role of Sara.

Natasha Hillgives life to Linda Harrison, a publishing executive who talks about the intimacy of marriage as easily as discussing the weather. She explains how a close relationship with her husband counters the meddling mother-in-law.

Natasha, an alto with a velvety and nostalgic voice, lends over  a decade of experience in performing living, intimate performances to the stage. In addition, she is a radio personality and a playwright who work with individuals with special needs.

Mz. Queen Qu (aka Quatessa Williams Jerome) portrays mother-in-law Rhonda Davenport, who takes protecting her son and her family wealth to new levels. Her gospel style of singing gives new life to her character.

Quatessa is a singer, actress, writer, and book author who recently was cast in the role of Evangelist Annette Calloway in the gospel musical stage play, A Family Divided. She has frequently performed as an actor and singer in other productions.

Khrysti Hunsworth portrays Gertrude Parker, a conniving mother-in-law who feels slighted by her son after he left her home, where she cared for him for years, and married. Ten years later and she is still brooding.

Khrysti is a veteran to Fringe and to the stage. She gives a rich performance as a singer and musician. Her ability to interpret the character has resulted in a dynamic performance of this supporting role.


Carly Fisher


Jade Roberts


Lauren Andersson


Samantha Eaddy


The Other Woman is a comedic musical featuring four women who meet on a cruise and explore the trials and tribulations of dealing with their mothers-in-law as they embark on their quest to being happy no matter what. This show features original songs and dance, multiple genres of music, and jokes enjoyable for both women and men of all ages.


The Other Woman, which was written by Samantha Eaddy, is produced by Mirage Talent, an up-and-coming Orlando-based entertainment company.

​​​Len Manata

Lyrical Hip Hop Dancer

Arius West

Hip Hop Dancer

Christopher Payen

Hip Hop Dancer

Samantha Roberts

Musical Theater Dancer

Brendan Morris 

Musical Theater Dancer

The Other Woman: My Mother-In-Law

  • 3:15